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piscina fuoriterra con fontane a parete


  • vasca con skimmer con doccia e solarium arredato

Skimmer BSK

The edge of the pool is whatsoever the decorative element separating the water from the surrounding nature.

Skimmer pools collect and channel the water to the filtering system through a series of holes along the poolside and the edge customisation has no bounds of materials, details, refinements. This variety of pool represents a classic and extremely popular solution: a proper setting of the water circulation system ensures efficient results, while the customisation of materials and refinements provide a design of high level.

piscine interrate a sfioro con gazebo e sdraio


With infinity pools, water and sky match perfectly in an endless horizon.

The research of a sense of continuity with an architectural and landscape context reaches high level of elegance and perfection: the profile of its net infinity edge overlooking the lookout and visually prolongs the sea or lake front or visual resonates with the surrounding hillside.

The seven versions of Infinity represent the real essence of the perfect pool, with an extremely spectacular look and a heartbreaking view.

  • render piscina fuoriterra primaverapool su terrazzo


PrimaVeraPool is the first SMP, Self-supporting Multifunctional Pool: the style solution to say goodbye to the classic rubber construction and to choose a pool easy to install, for above ground or leant solutions.

A fair compromise between aesthetic level and building restrictions.

Our pools


Edilfare simplifies and rationalizes what is complex. Thanks to twenty years of expertise, we are the best specialists to support you for the consultancy, design and realization of your pool, by recommending you the most appropriate structural and technical type, guiding you in your choice, or in synergy with technical firms and designers appointed by our cusrtomers. Cement, steel, fibreglass or with pre-moulded shells are the main types of structure on which Edilfare bases its creations.

piscina interrata con solarium e lettini


Details make the difference and our style is unique: a timeless design suited to bring out the context where the pool will be incorporated. Edilfare pools are always at the centre of THE attention, thanks to the meticulous care for details and finishes. The inside of the pool can vary from the most elaborate mosaics to natural stone or a PVC membrane of different types. Materials and chromatic tricks enable the customisation of the edge and the surrounding flooring: let be guided by our expertise.

locale tecnico piscine edilfare


It is the heart of our pools: the design and the choice of the materials to be used in this context is even more essential: quality, technology and innovation must go hand in hand with a rationalization of space and procedures to ensure a long-term resistance of the system.
Our work follows UNI regulations and the legislation in force with constant quality control and high standards thanks to our internal protocols.

particolare bordi e pavimentazioni piscine


Dal 1997 costruiamo sogni d'acqua per farti vivere emozioni e ricordi indelebili. Con centinaia di piscine realizzate, ti assicuriamo affidabilità, qualità, precisione.

Edilfare Piscine: il cliente è al centro del nostro mondo.


Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, 41
24060 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)

Telefono: +39 035 95 12 10


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