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Water treatment

To keep your pool water clean you have to learn how to check pH and chlorine values and to dose the products in the proper way to get everything back to normal. We can order from our main office everything you need for the treatment of your pool water:

  • Chemical products
  • Dispenser
  • Hand tester
  • Analisys case
  • Electronic controllers
  • Electrolysis controllers

Water is a precious good: for this reason we have chosen to complete our offer with natural solution for water disinfection.

pulitore idraulico per piscine

Coating cleaning

Cleaning the pool is a dairy commitment. This activity could become a nightmare if you don’t use the appropriate cleaning accessories, among embedded debris and waste collected on the bottom, threatening to ruin the coating. Would you like to safe time and struggle? Please find some suggestion:

  • Hydraulic cleaner
  • Automatic cleaner
  • Mud aspiring brush

Contact us to know the whole variety of cleaning accessories on sale at our main office.

  • accessori per la pulizia quotidiana della piscina

Pool care

Taking care of a pool is art. There are useful accessories to be used daily, contributing to water treatment and regular pool cleaning. They are widespread products, easy to use, such as:

  • Retini
  • Floating canes
  • Brush set
  • Rods and adapters
  • Thermometers

And for those who look for the best, we have studied an exclusive selection of accessories to make you pool unique, just like you.

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