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You can buy class with us!

Infinity pools are the supreme expression of elegance and perfection. Our creations expertly combine the harmony of nature and its shapes with the most avant-garde technology, by customising design and functionality in accordance with our customers’ desire and needs.

The cascade variant in infinity pools creates a spectacular visual impact and brings the pool “alive”, where there is always movement and water sound.  Multiple finishing materials can characterize their style, harmonizing them with the surrounding architecture.

The slit system allows the level of the water to raise the edge of the pool and is the solution that gives the pool an extremely modern character. The continuous slit collects the overflowing water taking it towards the compensation tank. The absence of overflow grids gives a very clean look and the wide range of materials that can be used for the edge allows countless customised solutions.

Edilfare sottobattente infinity pools create a modern and basic three-dimentional effect. The elevated edge of the pool makes a very special and unique effect.

The pool is like the beach on your holiday: the infinity edge with a beach represents a very natural solution, with the water reaching the limit of the wall and with a slightly inclined edge, which “softly” surrounds the perimeter creating a “beach” where you can relax.

The solutions with a Finnish infinity edge collect the water in a channel covered by a movable grid that can be stepped on. These are a classic solution but, by skillfully combining the different colours and materials used, the pool can be “framed” like a precious work of art

Infinity. Bull with grid, one of the most common, consists of a semi-cylindrical smoothed perimeter to keep the water and converge it in the collecting channel. Even for this type of pool, Edilfare Pools is able to provide well-designed and distinguishing solutions with fine stones and marble, thanks to the creativity of his technical staff.

Infinity pools represents the ideal solution of a perfect sense of visual continuity among sea, sky and infinity: a unique harmony meant to make your days more exciting. Edilfare Pools will be able to find the best solution, by using the most innovative techniques for the custom-made design.

Let be captured by perfection

Infinity is a unique harmony which connects sky and sea, enhancing the surrounding nature. For a unique result, just like you.


Dal 1997 costruiamo sogni d'acqua per farti vivere emozioni e ricordi indelebili. Con centinaia di piscine realizzate, ti assicuriamo affidabilità, qualità, precisione.

Edilfare Piscine: il cliente è al centro del nostro mondo.


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